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The delightful thought of serving the public gave rise to Wagonmart in 2019 at Kerala, topped with a bunch of happiness. Food has the magical power to satisfy hearts, and the pleasure of delivering it will be priceless. A deep insight into the essence, made Wagonmart possible by IR Ventures, forming quality, affordability, and reliability the main ingredients in delivering happiness.

Sometimes it’s not a single entity, rather a wide collection of it together makes up happiness. And Wagonmart has an engrossing series of products impressively elaborated across the operational showrooms. Garden-fresh fruits and vegetables, foreign veggies, fish and meats, dry fruits, hot foods, universal foods, home appliances and many more are available at Wagonmart, allowing customers to satisfy their routine shopping needs in one go

Our Vision

Through our unique happiness-centric business model and tech-driven retailing approach, we envision to be the most preferred and valued food retail chain globally. We promise to deliver happiness in the form of excellent quality, good service, product varieties and affordable pricing, thereby, promoting a happy and sustainable culture among our customers, investors, partners and employees.

By offering greater quality products at an affordable price and ensuring clean environment across the operational segments, Wagonmart adheres to the vision to deliver quality happiness.

Our Mission

Deliver Happiness to


By catering to their needs and delivering quality products at the best rates.


By promoting a dynamic and rewarding work culture where their skills are appreciated and respected.


By sharing our happiness and entitling them to be the leader in the industry.

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We work with ambitious leaders who want their future to be successful and help them achieve extraordinary outcomes.






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